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decorative concrete

How many colors and patterns are available?
Texoma Decorative Concrete offers 23 color hardeners, 16 release agents, 11 acid stains. We offer 24 field patterns, 8 borders, 5 circles, and a diamond, with more patterns to come. Custom-cut stencils are also available for logos and one-of-a-kind designs.

Will the color fade?
With the proper care and maintenance your colors should not fade. Texoma Decorative Concrete reccomends that you follow the manufacturer's specifications and use a quality UV protectant sealer. For maximum durability, the sealer should be reapplied every 2-3 years, depending on general wear and traffic.

Will stenciled concrete be harmed under freeze/thaw conditions?
No, provided you maintain the sealer. A good sealer is the key to protecting your concrete from ice and deicing salts.

What are the advantages of stencil concrete versus brick, stone, tile, and so on?
Stenciled concrete can be reinforced to serve any structural need or purpose. Stenciled concrete offers the option of multi-colored, patterned, and textured designs to compliment the existing structure. It is a lower cost, lower maintenance product.

What are the advantages of stenciled versus stamped concrete?
Stenciled concrete produces a more realistic appearance, comparable to brick, stone, tile, etc. Stenciled concrete produces a surface that contains the texture of brick, stone, or tile, and includes a reaistic grout line, all in a one-step application.

Is stenciled concrete difficult to create?
No. Although it does require more steps than broomed concrete, the process is quite easy.

Are there specifics for the concrete mix design and sub-base preparation?
No. The concrete should be mixed to whatever your area requires. However, there are some add-mixtures which are very helpful, such as mixtures to increase life of the concrete, workability, and other things. Please contact your concrete producer about the products. If you have any questions please contact us.

Does the stenciled concrete crack?
Stenciled concrete is no different than plain concrete when it comes to cracking. You will need to take the same measures to prevent cracking as you would when pouring plain concrete.
How can I begin to market the product? Texoma Decorative Concrete offers color brochures, pattern charts and samples to assist you with your marketing.

Why should I buy your product versus the competition?
Texoma Decorative Concrete offers high quality products to installers at a very reasonable cost. We sell products exclusively for decorative concrete systems, and we stock only the best products on the market. And we don't just sell the product; we know how to use it. Our highly trained staff is here to help you with your application questions.

What kind of maintenance is needed with stenciled concrete and Stencil Works Stain?
To maintain surface quality, we suggest resealing the surface of your concrete one year after installation, and every two years thereafter. Interior applications do not require resealing as often.

Can your stencils be used with Stencil Works Stain?
No, Stencil Works Stain is a corrosive liquid which will bleed under the stencils. There are other ways to achieve patterns with our Stencil Works Stain.